Raleigh 5   cason 4

Eli 5 & Whitney 3 1/2

Evie 3   eden 5

Evie 3 & Eden 5

Liam 3

Liam 3

Monroe 3    clark 1

Monroe 3 1/2  & Clark 1

Cora 2  laela 3    leo 5

Cora 2, Laela 3 & Leo 5

Raleigh 5   cason 4

Raleigh 5 & Cason 4

AnnaRobin 4 yrs

Corah 6 years old

Benjamin 2yrs


Millie. 3 years old

Campbell age 3

Lacy - 3

Wyatt age 6

Jumping in and swimming across pool.


A NEW Alabama swimmer

 Lacy 2 years old

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Photo Gallery

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Testimonial by a Mother

"Beth is an incredible instructor! she has many years of experience with young children and this shows through her work. My two-year-old son was very defiant to start. He loved the water but did not want to be told what to do!
Beth was very calm and instructed him through his "difficult" personality. by the third lesson, he was loving her lessons and was so excited to return. after two months of instruction, my son was swimming freestyle, jumping and diving into the pool and floating.
I have yet to find another instructor that was so patient and was able to give my son the survival skills he needs in a pool, all while having a blast. There is just no one like her!"

Lindsey Seminara​​​​​​​
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